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Satyananda will be offering online Satsangs from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th May 2024.


Satsangs usually start at 10am UK time and may last up to 1.5 hrs. They may extend beyond the scheduled times.


Please use the details below to join:

Online Satsangs with Satyananda Thurs 16th - Sun 19th May 24

Meeting ID: 889 0223 2614

Passcode: 299473


Make sure you have a Zoom account first. The link at the end of this text will give you access to the Satsang waiting room from 15 minutes before starting time.


We have tried to create a format that resembles physical Satsang as closely as possible. Please find a quiet spot by yourself and tune into the spirit of Satsang.


Before you enter the virtual Satsang room, check that your camera and speaker are turned on. We recommend that you use earphones for best audio. Please have your first name in your profile, so you can be identified.


Once you have joined the Satsang, please select speaker view. That means Satyananda’s image during Satsang will appear large in the middle of your screen.


Your microphone will be muted to avoid noise interference.


To ask a question, please raise your hand digitally by clicking on the small hand icon on your screen. If you don't see that icon, click on 'Participants' and look for the option 'Raise hand'.  Wait for Satyananda to invite you to speak. Your microphone will then be switched on.


To respect privacy and confidentiality we ask that you do not contact other participants in any way during Satsang. Please do not record or take screenshots and do not advetise or promote material/events during Satsang.


Thank you.


All Satsangs are audio and video recorded (only Satyananda's image is on the video). The Satsang Foundation reserves the right to use this material for future publications/broadcasting.


Payment is required before you attend Satsang.

Please choose between £5 (concessions, when needed only), £10 or £20 per person per Satsang according to your ability. Additional contributions are gratefully received.

Thank you!



Online Satsang

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