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Satyananda speaks of inner peace. His answers and interactions reveal what is most sacred and elusive but, paradoxically, also obvious. To meet him is to give yourself the challenge of focusing on the indescribable reality of your own essence. In that space everything stops. The mind stops. Thoughts stop. Knowledge stops - and what remains is empty and clear. This clarity gives you freedom and peace and a new perspective for the demands of a busy life.


Satyananda was born Bernardo Lischinsky in Uruguay in 1964. At the age of 22 he came to Europe to travel. Here, he was introduced to the way of 'self-enquiry' as taught by Sri Ramana Maharshi.


The name Satyananda, which means 'the bliss of truth' was given to him by his teacher. Since that time, he has offered his life in the service of Peace. Many people have been attracted to his Satsangs and inspired to cultivate his liberating insight in their own lives.


Satyananda's work is supported by the Satsang Foundation.


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